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Coming Soon… “Fatten Your Wallet”

Gender shouldn’t matter when it comes to money – but it does!* All the more reason to get your doodoo together, monetarily speaking.

In this series, we give budget-friendly ideas, set money challenges, share success strategies from other women, and try to hone our fiscal skills – despite our tiny lady brains.**

Stay tuned!

*Women are at an economic disadvantage for reasons that include:

  1. Unequal pay. According to the US Census, women in the US earn only 77 cents for every dollar that men earn – doing the exact same jobs. According to the National Women’s Law Center, that translates to an average of over $11,000 of lost wages for women annually; over a lifetime of work, that’s close to half a million dollars lost for the average woman.
  2. Longer lifespans. On average, women live longer than men do, so they will need to save more for retirement to survive.
  3. Hands-off habits. According to Bankrate.com, many women, especially ones from the baby boomer generation and older, tend to leave financial responsibilities to their male partners, resulting in a myriad of risky financial situations for the woman, including little credit history, lack of bank accounts in her name, and an ignorance of personal finance skills – all especially bad situations should there be a divorce from or death of the partner.

**Kidding, duh! Our brains are massive.


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