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Top 11 Feminist Valentines

Ever notice that some traditional Valentine sayings are a bit… uh… off? So many traditional cards and little heart-shaped candies draw a fine line between sweetheart and possessive stalker.

We got the ball rolling on some new ideas. Here’s our attempt at de-creepifying them…

  1. Be Mine, but not like I would own you in any way.
  2. Let’s Kiss, when you A-OK it. Till then, I’m just happy to be in your company.
  3. UR a 10, size shoe? I want to get you some new hiking gear.
  4. Marry Me, but only if you believe in that kind of thing and are in a state that supports equality.
  5. Cutie Pie, is what I call the pie that I made you. It’s tiny. You on the other hand are a grown person who I love and respect.
  6. All Mine… this list of half the chores, these are all my responsibilities.
  7. I Love You to Death (mine not yours).
  8. You’re Brains Are Like Whoa.
  9. I Respect You.
  10. Be My Equal.
  11. I Wuv Ur Inner Beauty.


Your turn!

We know you can be funnier than us… Share some of your feminist-style Valentine sayings in the comments!

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