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Can You Break Into Your Own Home? Adventures in Home Security

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One crucial aspect of self defense is reducing the risk of physical confrontations in the first place, so the first post in our Self Defense series is a proactive, fun, and somewhat unusual tip.

Our advice? Try breaking into your home. You may be shocked by how easy it can be. We tried it with some friends on a few of their homes, and in some cases, the “security” was laughable.

Are we insane? Well yes, but it’s helpful to know where we are most vulnerable in our homes so that we can take actions to rectify it.

Here’s how you can give your home a quick test.

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Step 1: Gather a Few Simple Tools

  • ID or credit card  (any type of plastic card works)
  • Screw driver
  • Ski mask or panty hose hat so you look the part. (We’re kidding… Don’t draw attention to yourself.)

 Step 2: Attempt to Worm Your Way In

Credit Card. For doorknobs like this one, slide the credit card between the crack of the door and wiggle the knob until it pops open. We used this trick for the first two doors of our friend’s apartment complex. It was a breeze.

photo 1 (1)

Screw Driver. Turns out that door chains can be disabled pretty easily with just a screwdriver and a little wrist maneuvering. It took us just 5 minutes to burglarize this little beast.

photo 2 (1)

Windows. Try the windows. It seems that these are often a place that people forget to lock. The windows of her apartment were unlocked but had a 2×2 piece of wood that was placed vertically against the side of the window so we couldn’t slide it up.

Step 3: Fortify Your Castle

Turns out some of our homes have minimal “protection.” The next step is to take what you learn and do something about it. Research ways to fix your home’s particular weaknesses. Then do it! Install a lock, add a stick to your windows… any improvement, big or small, is a step in the right direction.

In one friend’s case, she installed a deadbolt on her back door to supplement the doorknob and chain lock. She contacted her landlord and informed him that the two front doors of the complex were weak. He wasn’t too happy to hear the complaint, but then when she scheduled a time to show him the trick, the landlord had them updated.

You Try

So now your turn. Gather a group of friends and attempt it on each other’s homes/apartments. Are their homes secure? Where are the weaknesses? Share with us your successful and unsuccessful break-in attempts! What did you do to fix the problem?



  • Will Your House Be Broken Into This Year? by Michelle Schenker www.asecurelife.com/burglary-statistics/

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