Alternative V-Day: Horror Movie Party

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    Friends, food, drinks, and a horror movie about a toothed vagina. Ah, a party just in time for Valentine’s Day. Are you looking for an alternative way to enjoy the pink and red holiday? We’ve got everything you need, step-by-step.

    THEME: Alternative V-Day Horror Movie Party

    • The Movie: Teeth (a horror movie about a girl with “vagina dentata”)
    • The Drink: Bloody Mary (haha get it?)
    • The Snacks: Teeth Themed!
    • The Activity: Making Valentines Out of Garbage!

    Read on for all of the details on how to throw this amazingly fun party, and check out our video to watch the fun!

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    The Movie: Teeth

    Since this shindig is part of our lady-themed movie party series, the movie we chose is VERY VERY, um, lady-themed. Though this one is not directed by a woman, it does pass the Bechdel Test with flying colors and offers a fascinating take on female sexuality. Oh yeah, and it’s so. much. fun.

    • What is Teeth? A coming-of-age / horror film about a teen with a toothed vagina. Just trust us on this one.
    • How to Watch: We rented it from Amazon for $2.99.
    • Running time: 1 hour 34 min
    • Rated: R

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    The Snacks: Teeth-themed

    We got inspired, what can we say? Here is how to make…

    • Apple Dentata (aka Apple, Peanut Butter, Cashew Teeth Snacks)
    • Teeth Cheese Plate
    • Gory Pomegranate Wedges

    Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 3.34.56 PM

    Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 3.35.30 PM

    Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 3.35.59 PM

    Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 3.36.49 PM

    Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 3.37.51 PM

    Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 3.38.55 PM

    The Drink: Fresh Bloody Mary

    This is our fresh-tasting version of a bloody mary. Healthy with all the nice veggies, not-so-healthy with all the vodka. Check out the full recipe here!

    Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 2.13.23 PM

    The Pre-Game Activity: Making Valentines Out of Garbage!

     Parties never get boring when you add activities, so before popping on the film, we had a little craft session making Valentines with friends – out of garbage and recycled materials. We used a broken umbrella, fabric scraps, paper bags, and anything else we could get our hands on.

    Here are some of our masterpieces. Our buddies are crazy and creative:)

    Want more inspiration? We’ve got some ideas for writing fun, feministy Valentines for your lovies.

    Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 4.08.07 PM

    Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 4.08.24 PM

    Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 4.10.34 PM

    Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 4.09.02 PM

    Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 4.09.40 PM

    And You??

    Did you try this party at home? What snacks did you make? What did you and your friends think of Teeth? (In our party, there was some debate as to whether the film was feminist or not. What did you think?) Other parties you want to see us do? We want to hear from you!

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