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50 Dresses In 50 Days Instagram Challenge

Between the Academy Awards and the warmer weather, we’ve got dresses on the brain. Wild dresses. Demure dresses. Dresses that scream. Dresses that whisper. Sometimes we even dream of dresses as we fall asleep at night.

This week, while knee-deep in our closets, trying to find something to wear to a friend’s Oscar party, we ran into the classic, confounding dilemma – we have so many dresses but none to wear!

How is this possible? Before actually counting, we would have estimated that we each owned 5-10 dresses. Then, we counted them… fifty-two. We collectively own fifty-two dresses. (And this doesn’t even include the ones in storage!) And did we mention that we probably wear dresses less than 10% of the time?

Yikes, my friend. Yikes.

We were shocked.

So, in the midst of all this excess, we decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to challenge ourselves to think of others. Time to lighten our load and purge some of the dresses we no longer need.

We did a little research and found so many great charities that provide dresses to women and girls who might not otherwise be able to afford them. (This list does the work for you and makes it super easy to find both national organizations and ones near you.) We LOVE the idea of doing something nice for others while also doing something for ourselves (de-cluttering our closets), so we decided to make a challenge out of it!

We’re calling it the 50 Dresses in 50 Days Instagram Challenge – our goal? Pretty obvious… to inspire you to spring clean with us AND brighten somebody else’s spring – just in time for special events season.

Wanna join us? To participate, all you need to do is:

  • Find a dress to donate
  • Take a photo of it (could be anything – a current pic of you wearing it, you packaging it up, your old prom pic, whatever!)
  • Post your pic on Instagram and tag us @TheDomesticFeminist and use the hashtag #50dressesin50days
  • Pick a charity and send them the dress!

We’re kicking things off by donating these dresses:


Join us!

dress hand low

Photo by Tessa Greenberg.

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