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Nail Art Inspired by Women Painters: Georgia O’Keeffe

I like to think of my nails as ten little canvases where I can play creatively, dabble with color, express my moods, and softly chip away at the patriarchy. That’s why I’m SO excited for this Nail Art Inspired by Women Painters series.

Today, my nail art design is inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe, a female painter famous for her close-up pictures of flowers. Flowers that, many say, look like giant lady-parts.

To me, this sounds like the perfect nail for Valentine’s Day.

Check out the video to watch how to do it, and see below for all the details.

The Art Inspiration

These three works in particular inspired my design – the bold colors, the black accents, and the shapes.


In these paintings, she consistently uses both soft curves and sharp points, which I also incorporated into my design.

Why Else O’Keeffe Inspires Me

Just look at Georgia O’Keeffe. She’s one rugged lady. In the Southwest, O’Keeffe regularly camped in the desert in tents so that she could paint her landscapes and was even known to work inside of her closed-up car in the dead of summer when the bugs got too bad for her to paint outside. (How’s that for work ethic?)

At the young age of 74, she went on a ten-day rafting trip down the Colorado river. Yeah. This is a lady who does what she wants.

Let her words just wash over you…

“The days you work are the best days.”

“I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life — and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.”

The Nail Design

Now that you love her as much as I do, here’s my take on a Georgia O’Keeffe inspired nail design:

The Final Look

The Final Look


Polish Colors:

  • violet

  • purple

  • hot pink

  • blue

Tools Needed:

  • black sharpie or nail pen

Colors and Tools You'll Need

Colors and Tools You’ll Need

Pattern Overview:

  • Thumb: base purple, middle oval violet, top pink

  • First Finger: base pink, middle oval  violet, top purple

  • Middle Finger: base blue, middle oval  violet, top pink

  • Ring Finger: base purple, middle oval  violet, top blue

  • Pinkie Finger: base pink, middle oval  violet, top blue

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 6.20.57 PM

How To Do This Design

Step 1: Apply the Base Colors

  • Purple on the thumb and ring finger
  • Pink on the first finger and pinkie
  • Blue on the middle finger
Step 1: Base Colors

Step 1: Base Colors

Step 2: Violet Ovals

  • In violet, paint football-shaped ovals on each finger.
  • Make sure you can still see the base color on each side of the oval.
Step 2: Violet Ovals

Step 2: Violet Ovals

Step 3: Middle Ovals

  • Onto each violet oval, paint a smaller oval with pointed ends.
  • Pink on the thumb and middle finger
  • Purple on the first finger
  • Blue on the ring and pinkie fingers.
Step 3: Middle Ovals

Step 3: Middle Ovals

Step 4: Sharpie

  • Make sure the polish is completely dry
  • Use Sharpie marker or nail pen to outline the violet and middle ovals, accentuating the points of the ovals
  • Add a clear coat on top if you want. Just be careful to not smear the sharpie. I didn’t add a clear coat and the sharpie lasted for several days. It will just gradually fade over time, but you can touch it up at that point and it looks as good as new!
Step 4: Sharpie Outline

Step 4: Sharpie Outline

Enjoy your nails, and may they infuse you with the work ethic and determined spirit of Georgia O’Keeffe!

The Final Look

The Final Look

Your Turn

What’s your take on a Georgia O’Keeffe inspired nail design? Show us! On Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, tag your pic with #DFnailart so we can see!


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Images of O’Keeffe paintings used for commentary purposes under Fair Use guidelines.

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